About us

We are professional.

We have established the know-how of all things related to cranes and heavy haulage in the 30 years of being in this field. In order to provide our customers the best service, we invest heavily in our equipment and staff. We recognize that protection is of paramount importance in this industry. Therefore, we guarantee that all of our equipment is well-maintained and routinely serviced.

Fast & professional

We have a well-maintained fleet of commercial vehicles of varying sizes and capacities to suit your unique needs. In order to ferry your load, our trucks are in good condition and have the requisite regulatory documents. Before they are on the road, we regularly inspect, service and clean our trucks so that you do not need to worry about delays in your freight schedule caused by defective vehicles.

Over 30 years of experience

Our experienced movers and trained truck drivers carefully treat items to ensure that you do not have to worry about our service transporting extremely delicate or valuable items.

Meet our company values

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Trusted in Peninsular Malaysia by Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers

Network for Comprehensive Drivers

With over 10,000 lorries and vans under our network, based on your logistics requirements, we are able to match a suitable driver. Save time and get guaranteed drivers 48 hours in advance when you make a booking.

Quotation Instant And Guaranteeds

You can get an instant quote in under 30 seconds with TheLorry! Rest assured, the price you see on our website is the rate you're going to pay. Extra charges only occur if there is a need for a second ride.

Security And Protection

We are concerned with making sure that your items are handled safely and safely. Our drivers undergo a rigorous background check to ensure that they have the requisite licenses and qualifications to handle your products properly.

Customer Support Super Helpful

We will do our utmost at TheLorry to provide all our clients with a professional, trustworthy and reliable service. Our "Customers First" policy implies that we will respond to any requests and address any problems that you might have.

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